“My reading with you was spot-on, enlightening, practical, immediately helpful, and obviously from a strong, divine place. Professionally, the business advice was more timely and helpful than I could have gotten in a week-long seminar. It was exactly what I needed, specific and practical with steps and rationale. It wasn’t soft-pedaled and certainly required me to take ownership and get out of my own way. Thank you for sharing your incomparable gifts.”
-Lisa.G., Seattle, USA

“I just want to thank you for the amazing reading you did for me in March 2011. You are truly gifted. The level of depth and what you picked up in detail still amazes me. I have not often sought information outside of myself as there are many who claim to “read” but you do truly have a gift “out of this world.” As I listen to the recording again I get more “locked in” …like a beautiful key to a lock….to what direction to take and a deeper peace abides. I look forward to meeting you and I will be referring people to you.”
-C.K. Mt. Vernon, WA, USA

“Recently, I was remembering the 1st reading you gave me about 10 years ago at the Eternal Spirit in Adelaide, Australia. So much you told me was really helpful then, and time has shown how accurate and insightful you were. Some of the information was “medically intuitive”, and it has taken this long to understand the connections! Thank you again for your help and guidance.”
-Peter, Adelaide, Australia

“I’ve had many consultations from different mediums and yet Liz’s consultation stands out from similar service: Accurate, clear, time-efficient and even time & value specific. The result of her consultation was verifiable even as months or even years passes by! The best I’ve ever come across. Highly recommended.”
-Teresa, Hong Kong

“I was so moved and amazed at how deeply your reading works. You are so powerful, respectful and trustworthy, an excellent reader. This comes from your wisdom and inner authority to Divine work. I cannot express how I appreciate your sincerity and what you do! Thank you for giving me the clarity and courage to go forward. With a lot of thanks and love!”
-Keiko, Duesseldorf, Germany

“I just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you thank you. The reading was so informtative and more importantly, accurate. I will definately tell my friends about you!”
-Kathy, Molalla, Oregon, USA

“My wife and I would like to thank you for our Angel readings last month, they have opened our hearts and minds to incredible opportunities and growth. There are simply no words to describe the positive changes that are occurring in both our lives!”
-J. D., Kirkland, Washington, USA

“I don’t consider myself cynical but in a way, the new age movement is like any other industry with its fair share of bogus charlatans whose talents lie more in their marketing/acting skills than their actual (psychic) abilities and I’ve been dabblin in this awhile – I jus want to say that you’re the real McCoy. If you ever need a testimonial, I’d be more than happy to provide one.”
-Yuhui, Singapore

I appreciate your reading! The energy felt was exactly true and concise. I am amazed how detailed the information was that came through and how accurate you were in regards to my career path. This energy I have felt around me for about 9 years,and did not know where it was coming from until your reading. This was one of the most moving and inspiring things I have ever experienced!”
-D. Bunch, Tennessee, USA

“A friend of mine was in Thailand when the Tsunami happened, when she came back, we were talking about the predictions that you made last Dec, WOW!! It was right on the spot!”
-Ruby T Ong, Hong Kong

“I wanted to let you know that you had told me that something was going to be wrong with the lung development of one of my unborn babies. (I wasn’t even pregnant at the time.) You said that it would be very scary, and that everyone, including the doctors would be worried….But that everything would be O.K. That has come to pass, and I clung to your words through the whole thing. Gabriel is 7 months old now, and had the lower left lobe of his lung removed last week. He is home, crawling around, smiling… He is doing perfectly! He had a C-CAM, which is malformed lung tissue. During his lung development, at 7 weeks of pregnancy, the lung just started making cysts. It took up too much space in his chest, and could have caused heart failure in utero. It was so scary! Thanks so much for your insight, and for sharing your gift with the world.”
-Joyce, Tuscon, Arizona, USA

“You recently did a reading for me and gave me information for my husband. I was not surprised at all as I have become quite familiar with the accuracy of your readings and how useful and valuable they have become to me, but you astounded my husband who wants me to tell you that he is very grateful for your help!”
-V. R., Seattle, Washington, USA

“I’m practically without words!”
-Enrique, Mexico City, Mexico

“I want you to know it took a day or two for my meeting with you to settle in, your words effected me profoundly. You’ve been truely blessed and I dont know why but I feel you’re the only person besides “god” whos knows me and can help me. I want to thank you, Liz, you’re a blessing.”
-Trent, Seattle, Washington, USA

“I put my tape in and listen to it every six weeks or so. I am continually ticking off events or circumstances, feelings, actions etc. as they occur. The accuracy of your reading, as I have come to realise, is beyond anything I have ever had. Everything has come to pass as you said. At this stage I have checked your itinerary and noted you will not be here for a while. I wish you were closer!”
-Wendy, Sydney, Australia

“Thank you for helping to “modulize” my life with so intense readings since years now dear Liz! Words can hardly discribe that great support.”
-Eve, Hamburg, Germany

“This helps me so much so much more than I know quite how to express in terms of a sense of hope in my life that persons such as you exist and do the things you do, a feeling that there is some kind of cosmic mercy involved as well as a reason and rhyme to my life experience and existence. I feel like I am receiving counselling from you that is really sensible and practical as well as spiritual and coming from guidance. Am truly grateful Liz.”
-Donald, Adelaide, Australia

“Well what a gift you have Missy!!!!!!! You have been so helpful to me in my life. I was able to go back and listen to all 5 readings and they were so inspiring and were full of humor and I am so thankful that I met you Liz. You have been very instrumental in my healing journey.”
-Shawn, Granite Falls, Washinton, USA

“Your advice and advice from guidance on personal matters has been one of the most useful things I have. There are times when I fall back on negative thoughts your reading pulls me back on my feet again. For this I thank you very much and I thank my guides for being there too! Your advice – for me – is still one of the best – step-by-step advice i’ve ever had.”
-Evelyn, Singapore

“Thank you for the reading, it really was an incredible experience! To hear a ‘stranger’ verbalize so many of the decisions and feelings I had already made, and certainly not shared with anyone else, was amazing. My sister had always been my special friend and thank God since her death I ‘feel’ her presence knowing she has been helping me through difficult periods. Several of the issues you raised were things that we had talked about so I knew she was speaking with you. Thank you for sharing your special gift. I feel incredible peace mixed with a sense of excited anticipation regarding life from now on! Grateful thanks.”
-L. Sage, Adelaide, Australia

“Okay I am soooooooo impressed with you, I can’t believe how much motivation and energy you have to travel what an amazing experience! I have to tell you Liz that when I came to see you… you said something about being pregnant in October and my Great Grandmother is watching out for me. Okay so I ended up getting pregnant in October with not one boy but two. So thank you so much. I can’t believe how right on you were. I can’t wait to talk to you again in person.”
-D.Cook, Seattle, Washington, USA

“World Angel Day in London was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed listening to you and your angel channelling very much. I felt so fortunate to listen to you again only a week later in St Ambrose’s Church, Westbourne. These two events have certainly filled me with positive thoughts. Thank you for spreading all your lovely messages!”
-D. Emmett, Bournemouth, England

“I just have to thank you again for the most amazing experience with you on Wednesday. The Angel reading you gave me was beautiful, powerful, inspirational, facinating and so much more. I am filled with awe, not only of your gift, but with the entire experience.Thank you so much.”
-N. Cohen, Seattle, Washington, USA

“I attended one of your classes in London on Developing Intuitive Abilities. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would like to thank you for an inspirational evening.”
-H. Singh, London, England

“I feel meeting you has been a really big turning point in my life and I am making huge changes in my life already. It has given me the courage to change what I know needed to be changed but lacked the courage to do so.”
-S. Cox, Surrey, England

“You have helped me immensely, for I am truly grateful for your guidance through the years.
With All My Love,”
-B. Keim, Manchester, Indiana, USA

“I must admit that I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but as we continued on our quest things became clearer. It was just like talking to a good friend, in fact my best friend. I am still awe struck. When I woke up this morning, I had a new lease on life. I am still in amazement. Wow! I have this joy that is inexplicable. I thank God for you, and wish you all the best.”
-K.Phipps, Salisbury, Maryland, USA

“My husband and I have had readings in the past but nothing like yours. It was so in depth, so natural and to be honest it felt and confirmed our future thoughts so far – but mind you so much more accurately. I have so many more questions to ask that I could not on the day as we were limited for time – you are a very popular lady!”
-The Robertson’s, Sydney, Australia

“I want to say thank you for conducting the angel workshop on Sept 11, 2002. I have used the techniques you taught in that evening session. I have asked questions of, listened to, and followed-up on the advice I have received from my angels. I check-in with my angels periodically when I need to make life decisions or need clairification or confirmation on something. Using both my intuition and the feedback from angels, I feel like I am making the right choices in my life at this very moment. It is wonderful to connect to a higher being. Thank you again, God bless.”
-J. Schmitz, Houston, Texas, USA

“All that you predicted about my court hearing with now my ex-husband happened, you are some special LADY!! Any time you come to England you are very welcome in my home. Lots of love and light,”
-H. Adler, Bath, England

“The reading definitely was the best money I have ever spent – the information shared confirmed so much information to me that I needed to hear to be strong in my decisions moving forward. Thank you so much again as it had a direct positive influence on my life in so many meaningful ways.”
-N. La Porte, Sydney, Australia

“You are so right on! The two sessions I have had have been amazing! Your amazing, thank you for the support, and most important thank you for being you. You and your talents exceed your phenomenal reputation. I do hope someday I can return the light that you have shined on me. Blessings, love and light!!!!”
-L. Brause, Los Angeles, California, USA

“I’m a bit shook up these days and I really think (the reading) helped me think about some things that I need to deal with. I didn’t mention it during our session, but some things you talked about were really really right on. You rock. Take care and have fun, and if there’s anything I can do to help out on your mission just let me know…”
-Jeff Leisawitz, Seattle, Washington, USA

“Do you realize just exactly how much you mean to me? For the love and concern that you are giving is truly unbelievable to me. From the bottom of my heart – I love you for that and for being my friend. You are truly the most remarkable woman I have ever known.”
-C. Zoss, Tacoma, Washington, USA

“I just wanted to send you a little note of appreciation for all the work you have done with me in the past few days. I know God sent me directly to you for guidance and counseling. You not only provided me with information and enlightenment from the spiritual side, but further counseled and consoled me, which has helped me work through an extremely painful time. Your expert advice and compassion have seen me through to get to the next level. I hope to stay in touch – You are special! You were just the connection I needed at this time —-God Bless You!!!!”
-L. Steuart, Seattle, Washington, USA

“Liz did a reading for me in 1997. At that time my life was upside down so I credit her (and her friends) with saving my marriage, in fact stopping me from self-destructing. However, it was to get far more interesting for every thing that was given was truth as time has proven. Liz, have you any idea what you have done! My life has changed a full 360 of the compass and continues to be wonderful and fullfilling. Whenever I get the chance to have another reading it will be with you either in NZ or elsewhere.”
-Graham Taylor, Blenheim, New Zealand

“You have a wonderful gift. I am little overwhelmed at the accuracy of what you told me. I feel at peace tonight, more so than I have felt in a very long time. Thank you.”
-Lou, Chicago, Illinois, USA

“I have had seven readings in my life and out of those readings most were vague and entertaining. Liz’s reading was the most informative and transforming reading I have ever experienced. This reading has led me down an incredible path to healing and self-worth and I am now able to live my life to the fullest! Thank you Liz!”
-Eugenia Woerz, Seattle, Washington, USA

“On April the 18’th, 1998. I had a reading with Liz. It was truly a great and unforgettable experience. Under this session things surfaced which she could not possibly have known about, things which actually had happend and belonged to my past.There is no doubt in my mind as to the seriousity of her work and I can therefore warmly recommend her most unusual talents and services.”
-Knut H. Meyn, Norway

“I met and had a reading done by Liz at a company function sponsored by Holland America Line. She really touched my heart, and I wanted to see about having another reading done, on line. Thank you!”
-Robin, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

“I had a great reading from Liz and she has helped me more than she will ever know! I have slept again for the first time in almost 10 years, and you will never know what that means to me!”
-Cindy Lott , Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

“The spiritual and healing growth I have attained is phenomenal. In the past fifteen years of research I haven’t found anything as useful.”
-Kay Christy, Iowa City, Iowa, USA

“She was so accurate in her description of me and some of the places that I have been, it gave me chills. Some of what she picked up on me no one knew. The thing that really blew me away was I live over three thousand miles away in Canada and she could still do it. To say that I am impressed would be an understatement.”
-Ken B. Keelan, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

“I found her classes increased my confidence in working with energy and helpful with my skills in working with spirit. I learned the importance of protection along with how to protect myself. The energy I felt was tremendous.”
-Anne Wright, Dunedin, New Zealand

“I have taken three courses with Liz and without any knowledge of her and her work. The outcome was truly unreal! Feelings of inner peace, guide assistance and real energy within myself and others. Thank you for giving me the chance to meet you Liz.”
-Denise Morris, Invercargill, New Zealand

“All your readings have chronically come true so far, you will be so very glad to hear about them all. I am just absolutely kicking myself that I did not find an hour somewhere to get you to do a lil one for me. You have helped so many people here, my dear, and the way the symbolism from the ethers works still astounds me. One in particular has rocked us all, about a baby who would come early due to a nutritional problem (it ended up that the placenta came away, thus no nutrition at 26 weeks pregnant 6 weeks after you did the reading by the way) and that it would tie in to many family beginnings for them, which it has in stranger areas than when the read’ees first received the reading. It was a wonderful help to the family to have your reading on hand, as they weren’t afraid that it wouldn’t turn out well. The baby was a girl, as you predicted, and had a birth mark where you said. She is a fighter and weighed under 2 lb born, but has been home for 3 weeks and she still isn’t due yet Five of the readings you did for friends of mine, sit in their purses at all times, the yellow paper getting tattered, but they are ticking off bits as they go.Very very wonderful.”
-Sandra Abbey, Regents Park, Australia