From the start of doing readings, I have recognized the need for a page for people to refer to for spiritual and informational books. The following are ones that have helped me on my path and are by no means the only books I recommend. If you have any you think I should add to this page, please let me know in an email at [email protected]. Include the title and author as well as a paragraph as to why it is so good or helpful to you. I will then be happy to include it on this page.

The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird 
What I found most interesting about this book is that its proving what guidance has been telling me for years, that plants are sentient living beings. Through a scientific exploration, the authors prove though many studies by themselves and many others that plants think, feel and have a memory! It’s an amazing book but a bit dry to read. Though you will learn a great deal as well as techniques to try on your own by the examples given in the test studies.

Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, PH.D 
A friend contacted me by email and mentioned being really enthralled by this mans work. I asked her to do a write up to let my other clients know about him. He is a doctor who takes patients into deep hypnosis, past this life. Through many years of research and actual case studies, he tells “how it feels to die, what you see and feel right after death, introduces spiritual guides, tells what happens to disturbed souls, tells why you are assigned to certain soul groups in the spirit world and what you do there, how to choose another body to return to earth, discusses the different soul levels, when and where you first learn to recognize soulmates on earth, and the purpose of life and manifestations of a creator.” He also discusses auras at the earthly and spiritual level and tells what color each level corresponds with.

Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton, PH.D 
67 actual case studies where people recall their life between lives. Tells “our purpose on earth, spiritual settings where souls go after death, ways spirits connect with and comfort the living, spirit guides and the council of wise beings who interview us after each life, soulmates, links between soul groups and human families, soul recreation and travel between lives, the soul-brain connection, and why we choose certain bodies.” This book also shows diagrams of soul cluster groups and pictures of some of the medallions worn by council members.

The World to Come by Ruth Montgomery 
I absolutely love Ruth’s books. It has been over 10 years since her last book and it’s about time someone tackles this topic! For years people have had this “doom and gloom” approach to the future. Now that the future is here and nothing happened, what IS going to happen? For years I have been getting in readings that much has changed because of mankind’s response to the earth’s cry and we have changed the outcome because of our intense spiritual growth. I am so glad this book confirms what I have been getting for years and is available for everyone to read. Thank you Ruth!

Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue by Neale Donald Walsch
I am going to lump these books together but each is separate with more detailed concepts and ideology. Who is God, what is God, why does God do this or that? Many place blame on God, hear what “he” has to say on it! It may surprise you. A very deep book and one I personally love. Makes God more within reach for all of us. The subsequent books are a continuation of the writers own search for help and his own truth.

Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 2)
Conversations With God : An Uncommon Dialogue (Book 3)

Working with Your Guides and Angels by Ruth White
This is an excellent book to learn how to work with angels and guides. Ruthteaches the difference between these helpers as well as their purpose in our lives. She also emphasizes our needto recognize our own limitations and preconceptions. These can color and influence our contact and lead us to receivingfalse messages or impressions. The book contains practical exercizes to help you develop communication. An excellent book.

The Celestine Prophecy : An Adventure by James Redfield 
This book is indeed an adventure. While you are on the journey you learn about the concept of energy, how it works and affects you, as well as the basics of spirituality. It teaches as you read the story. I didn’t find it particularly well written, but I found it an excellent teaching tool.

The Tenth Insight: Further Adventures of the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield 
I found this book to be a more advanced and better written than his first effort. It offers re concepts on soul groups, raising your energy and how we all are able to work together to create a better future. What is our divine plan? In its pages if you read carefully, you can see a technique to try for yourself.

The Eagle and the Rose by Rosemany Altea 
This is a wonderful story of Rosemary Altea’s development of her ability to see guides and those on the spirit side. How she went from fear to helping people. An excellent story as well as a tool for others also on this path. A great book.

A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume 
This book spawned a movement. It is based on Christianity and has helped many achieve inner peace and a sense of self. A wholeness if you will. It is a guide to developing the self, loving the self and acceptance of the self. It is highly praised and there are study groups all over the world created from this book.

The Dream Book by Betty Bethards 
Many times I get asked about interpreting dreams and how to do it. Thereare many encyclopedia-type books out there with their version of what symbols in dreams mean. I have found Bethards book to be the most accurate as it uses a metaphysical/spiritual approach. As with anything you have to lookat what feels right for you,as dreams are often your guide s or higher self s way of helping you see or learn somethingabout yourself. So what better way to discover this than a dream book spiritually based! You can use essentiallyany dream book as long as you have set it up with your Angels and Guides what book you are using. Use it as a legendof sorts so they can show you images that will correspond with the information in the book, which you can thenuse to get the message.Many people have a hard time remembering their dreams. Keep a pad and pen by the bed, thenbefore going to sleep ask for your guidance to help you with a specific issue and to wake you directly after thedream so you can write it down. Then go over it in the morning with your dream book.

The Seven Spirtual Laws of Success by Depak Chopra 
In many of the readings I do, spirit has come across with these basic spiritual tenants. What Chopra has done it make it clear, concise and easy to understand. This is definitely an excellent book in helping you be kinder to yourself, opening yourself to all possibilities and creating an inner hearing and harmony. An excellent book for spiritual understanding.

Tarot Made Easy by Nancy Garen 
A great number of people want to learn about tarot. This book helps you learnhow to do various layouts as well as what the cards mean. It tells you how to do readings for others, how to telltime, what the major arcana are and what each suit means. I have found this book simple and reliable. It has alist of 30 categories like Desire, Romance, Money, Mail, Anxiety, Endings, New Beginnings, Best Course of Actionand Outcome to name just a few. The more specific you are with your guidance in asking the question the more specificyour answer will be. Even before pulling cards, you can tell your guidance what categories you will read. Thisalways gets extremely precise information for me.

Heal Your Body by Louise Hay 
This book is an absolute must to help you gain insight on what your emotionalbody is creating. Not only is it a great indicator of areas you can clear up emotionally, but it is a very practicalbook to help show a different approach to healing yourself. The body stores emotions and the more it hides, themore it creates dis-ease, or disease. It lists ailments from abdominal cramps to yeast infections and even includessubluxations of the spine. This books gives you clear guidelines as to what emotionally created the problem andthen gives you an affirmation to help you change the pattern that created the illness. You can also use it to helpyou go even deeper using other therapies. To understand the body is to understand yourself and it is importantthat you pay attention. This book helps you to understand what the body is trying to tell you.

Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss
This book gives you the understanding of what the human mind can do to createdis-ease in the body and thus create disease and illness. She is a medical intuitive and leads you though understandinga metaphysical approach to heal yourself and to learn how to peel off the layers of the dis-ease in seven stagesof power and healing. It is about how to take back your own power to heal yourself. An incredible book.

Love Signs by Linda Goodman
This book is an excellent way to help you understand yourself in relationships.You can look up the astrological sun signs of yourself with every other sun sign to help give you insight and understanding,and will also tell you what to expect and what to look out for. Each possible combination of signs is exploredin general then in detail from sexual compatibility to hopes, quirky habits and who best to avoid. It is entertainingas it is enlightening.

Out On a Limb by Shirley MacLaine 
This is the book that gave me my AHA! Every word I read in here was truefor me. It is what opened the doors to me many years ago, as if I already knew everything she was relating to me.I recommend this book to anyone who is searching for their truth.This is Shirley s story and what she teaches inthis book are basic spiritual philosophies. Not a religion just a belief. It is a great story about her struggleto understand what she was feeling, her acceptance, and how it opened a whole universe of possibilities. It readslike a novel, complete with romance, suspense and betrayal.

The Angels Within Us by John Randolph Price 
This is the book I used to teach an on-going class about Angels. It is aboutthe 22 Causal Powers, or Angels which are in our energy at all times. They help you to control your conscious behaviorand govern the manifestation of all forms and experiences in your personal life. Their existence has been taughtsince the early spiritual brotherhoods and philosophical societies thousands of years ago. Learn how to work withthem and use them in your daily life. The book also includes a mediation with each Angel (which I recorded forthe class)as well as a chart as to how they relate to the physical body.

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Love is a Verb by Louis Gittner 
This book is for everyone struggling with the understanding of love. Whatit means to love, what it means to be loved and the concept of love. This book actually made me cry as it was sodeep and healing. It helps you to see how you twist and turn beliefs of yourself and how you complicate thingsin your life. Vital for understanding how you create boundaries for protecting yourself from others and a usefultool to becoming more in tune with we are.This book I had to purchase at The Louis Foundation s Victorian Hotelon Orcas Island in Washington State. If you have difficulty getting it, please write: The Louis Foundation P.O. Box 210 Eastsound, WA 98245 USA

Soaring Into the Storm by Alison Asher 
This book is for anyone facing or going through a difficult time with griefor loss. Author Alison Asher starts with a wonderful story designed to help both children and adults, families,groups or individuals. She then addresses the qualities unique to people who have overcome adversity and includesadvice on how to nurture those qualities in oneself. Asher gleaned her material from interviews around the globewith families who have overcome tragedy to become stronger and more able to enjoy life than ever before. Book includesan afterward by Dr. Joyce Brothers and is endorsed by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and a host of others. To orderthe book online at [email protected], fax order to 206 842-4235 or you can mail order to P.O. Box 1108 BainbridgeIsland, WA 98110 (Please include credit card number, expiration date and daytime phone number.)