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Only recently have people embraced the concept of their help in our daily lives. Liz has helped hundreds of individuals like you get in touch with their Angels and Guides. Ask questions and get the answers you need to make your own decisions in life. Many find this form of help very powerful and very healing. All readings confidential.

11 months ago


For the past seven years I have been working with the Angels to post on this page. I view my relationship with them as a partnership, and they wanted me to impart their wisdom to you. I believed by doing this page I was giving back to the process of all the support by the many many wonderful people who supported me during the 7 years I traveled the world doing readings and workshops.

Sometimes when you do something so regularly people stop being interested, what you do loses its value or becomes irrelevant. I decided to take a break and see what happens. There wasn’t much notice, so I have decided to discontinue the daily messages. I will leave the page up so you can see past posts, and if there is something they wish for me to tell you in the future I will post. Thank you, Liz.
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