I am not currently teaching classes. In the past I’ve taught to home groups, organizations, parties, bookstores, anyone that was interested! Liz has traveled throughout the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, Canada, England, Austria, Greece, South Africa, Thailand and much more, teaching and doing readings.

Classes I have taught:

Have you ever felt like you weren’t alone or someone was watching you? Have you seen something out of the corner of your eye, yet turned and looked and nothing was there? Have you known there was an entity around yet you couldn’t contact them or communicate with them? What are ghosts and what are entities? Get all the answers to these questions and more in this class. Learn how to “see” energies and entities, what it means to be psychically attacked and what to do if you are. Learn how to protect yourself, how to clear your home or any space of energies or entities and then how to help souls move on…and never have them come back.

This course is for the more spiritually and psychically experienced. Learn how to open and allow a higher being to come in and use your connection with them to channel information. Learn how to open and close your energy, how to protect as you channel and how to allow them to work with you in a comfortable and accepting way. Learn to trust your guidance and develop a working relationship with them.

Would you like to get more specific information in your readings? Would you like to enhance your ability and get even better? Have you an interpretation problem with trying to understand their subtle nuances? This is an advanced course for people already doing readings or are able to do readings for others. Please bring the tools you need to work. Tables will be provided. Throughout the evening you will practice on each other with added techniques to help you develop in depth readings and keys to help to understand them. Then how to interpret from your understanding to make it applicable to your client.

Have you been nervous and blown an interview? Do you feel your work place is really negative? Have you communication problems or feel work is just plain getting to you? If you said “YES!” to any of these questions then you wont want to miss this class. Using basic spiritual principles, you’ll be given tools that work, helping you prepare for interviews, to get along better with your co-workers and protect yourself in the workplace. Learn techniques to create a better emotional workspace and how to integrate your own instinct at work. Please bring your business card and pen and paper for note taking.

Do you feel have a Guardian Angel? Would you like to bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical worlds? Would you like to communicate with Spirit yourself? If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions then you won’t want to miss this workshop! International psychic, Liz MacDonald will lead this three hour workshop where you will learn techniques to tune yourself to your own guidance! You will learn how to train your eye to see the energy of auras and learn techniques to get answers from your own Guardian Angels to bring them into your everyday life. Liz believes that each one of us has psychic abilities and she will lead you in intuitive exercises where YOU will be giving mini-readings. All you need to do is bring a pen and paper and be ready to have fun!

Learn how to develop your own psychic abilities! In this three hour workshop former radio personality, Liz MacDonald, will teach you how to develop your own psychic awareness! She firmly believes that each one of us has these abilities, it’s just a matter of finding which is yours and then exercising it like a muscle. Learn the four areas of gifts and discover which ability is yours through intuitive techniques she will teach. Liz then takes it a step further to help you understand the information you get. The most important thing you will go home with is acceptance and an understanding of how you work with psychic energy. A vital and valuable course in developing psychic awareness. Please bring a pen and paper.

Do you think you have psychic abilities? Are you curious if you can, yet are afraid to try? Do you know you do yet lack the confidence doing it for others? Join Seattle psychic, Liz MacDonald for “Developing Your Psychic Abilities II”. This course is a more in-depth development of your own psychic abilities. In this three-hour workshop, you will be led through intuitive techniques and will learn how to practice on your own. It is recommended that you take the first “Developing Your Psychic Abilities” workshop. One of the most important things the student will take home with them is confidence, that and an acceptance and understanding of how you work with psychic energy. A valuable course in developing psychic awareness. IMPORTANT: Please bring a picture of an adult friend or loved one, a deck of cards, and pen and paper.

For four weeks we will practice and go into depth on intuitive abilities, the visual gift, the feeling gift and the prophetic gift. I will teach you automatic writing along with more in depth work with psychometry, meditation visualization, thought transference, and using energies to defy gravity. There will be some new exercises in this course as well as practicing more on ones you will have learned in the previous two psychic abilities classes. We will also work with each other on issues or problems as we will be doing readings for each other, so bring a journal to write down your experiences.

How do you work with angels? How can you bring them into your daily life? Learn how to connect with them, heal with them, manifest with them and develop your relationship with them. Angels love to prove themselves and this class helps you discover their clues and opens your heart to their help. You will be led on various meditations to understand how you work with your angel. Please bring a journal and be prepared to feel the immense love guidance has for you

How can I make things happen in my life? How can I remove my addictions? How can I heal my neck ache? How can I change my perspective of myself? Writing a decree can be one of the most powerful forces to changing your life. A decree is stating to God, the Universe, Source and everyone what is your absolute truth. With the help of the Angels, you can remove emotional blocks, habits, and addictions; heal diseases, traumas and create health and well being. You will need to feel it with every fiber of your being, so this means you need to know what you want in your life. The wording of your decree is important along with how you state it. In this class you will learn how to compose your Decree then be led on a meditation to implement it.

Have you ever wanted to tap into the wealth of spiritual knowledge that is right at your finger tips? Have you ever wanted to receive help or insight into your life? Learn how to write from your own higher self, angels or guidance! International psychic Liz MacDonald will teach you how to tap into this energy and write from it. Some will let Spirit use their hand, others will bring the information into their own consciousness and then write it. IMPORTANT: Please bring a pen, paper with a hard-backed surface and your favorite crystal or stone. Come ready to relax and have fun!

The body is electrical. As with all things, you have positive and negative energy. Magnetic fields are created around these energies. Fears are magnetizing deeper personal issues and affecting us constantly. Join me for this three week course in changing what you magnetize and eradicate all blocks to creating your will. It will be run under the same concept as the “Get to Know Your Angels” course by bringing the Angels into your daily life. There are three levels to clear, and each night the Angels will lead you on a meditation to remove this energy from your life. The goal is to clear the effect negative energies have on you and to invite the higher vibrations in permanently. Watch how your very vibration changes and your energy lightens attracting what you put out in your life purposefully.