About Liz MacDonald

Internationally renown reader, Liz MacDonald can introduce you to your angels and Internationally renown reader, Liz MacDonald can introduce you to your angels and guides. Helping you learn to hear your own guidance is a unique gift she shares with her clients.

Liz communicates through automatic writing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, or any way your angels and guides wish to use. Ask questions and get specific answers. She will ask your guidance for messages of importance and write their answers down while talking to you about the meaning of their messages. The reading is confidential, along the same guidelines as any client-patient relationship.

The gift of communicating with angels and guides is a natural talent and is one Liz believes she can help you develop. She has studied with the Inner Peace Movement and has been a member of the Edgar Cayce Foundation and readily shares her knowledge with you.

While Liz calls the Pacific Northwest home she is at home anywhere and enjoys sharing her gift with people around the world. In her travels she has helped people on six different continents create a better life. Whether you meet with her face-to-face, over the phone, or via the world-wide-web your angels and guides are always available to help.

Notable Events

2001 October
Channeled the Angels on stage at the very first World Angel Day in London, England.

2001 and 2005 November
Workshops and lectures at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London.

2005 June
Lectured on Angels at the United Nations in Vienna.

2006 October
Channeled the Angels at the United Nations in Vienna.

Liz’s Story

I realize that people like to hear how a psychic became a psychic, so here is my story. In looking back, I truly feel I was led all my life to do what I do today. Guidance truly prepared me and directed me step by step. If I didn’t live it, I too, would think it truly unbelievable. I was a radio DJ for 17 years and left that career in 97 to travel the world to do readings and teach workshops. It is only in recent years that all the pieces have finally fallen together.

I didn’t realize until I was 38 that I was quite psychic as a child. I have my mother to thank for that as she always took things in stride, and never made me feel like I was odd or different. I remember she was in the kitchen of our Southern California home when I was about 10. I went running to her to tell her I had just seen my grandparents asleep in the guestroom. To most of you that wouldn’t seem scary, but they had been dead for several years. Mom just simply asked me why would I be scared of them since I knew they loved me and wouldn’t hurt me? She was right. I went away thinking about that and didn’t again think it was strange that I had seen them. In high school, on many occasions I would dream about a particular person, wearing specific clothing down to the colors, style, even shoes! And sure enough, that day at school they were wearing exactly that.

All this started when I was even younger. I can remember about the age of 6 when I went to a Disney movie about fairies. I loved the movie but knew they weren’t like that at all! And even earlier when I knew I had an angel with me at what I think was age 3.

One day when I was16, I was sitting in my bedroom just staring off into space. Looking back on it now, I realize I was in an altered state and I did this quite a lot when I was younger. I heard a voice up and to the left that said to me, “What do you choose?” And as if I actually knew what it was talking about, I said, “to be of service.” It then asked, “Are you sure?” “Yes,” I replied. “And I’ll even wait to be married.” Then an even deeper feeling of trance hit me, accompanied by chills up and down my body. When I came out of it, I realized that all the details of conversations and everyday things had just disappeared! I couldn’t remember conversations with friends and I went from an “A” student to a “B” student. Remembering everyday things is still a challenge today.

I went to college in Northern California and started my radio career a week after my 18th birthday. Before graduation I had a professional radio job on the air. I also worked at a television station behind the scenes in the news department. I was later offered an on-air position but it conflicted with my first love, radio, and kept that instead. It was during this time that I read “Out on a Limb” by Shirley MacLaine. What I read in that book I knew was true, as if it was buried deep within me and I was finally allowing it to surface.

I also started hearing things, like someone brushing up against my closet French doors or hearing music no one else heard. I just discounted it since I was around music all the time. I sometimes would be sitting in a chair and I’d suddenly start vibrating, as if someone struck a deep chord in my solar plexus and my body would begin to vibrate and then spin. I’d have to hold onto the arms of the chair to make sure I wouldn’t fall out. Almost like when you go to bed drunk and the room spins. It would also happen in bed, but without the alcohol! It was occurring often enough where I thought I had something seriously wrong with me. Then just as suddenly, it would stop. Months later it would start up again and would happen off and on throughout my 20’s along with other clairvoyant and clairaudient experiences during that time.

Another person who had a huge impact on my spiritual growth was a woman I would later refer to as my Spiritual Mother. Her name is Faye and she was in her 60’s at the time. She did something totally foreign to me called automatic writing. This was the actual channeling of words from spirit. I had readings with her and learned so much from Guidance. She opened my eyes to the works of Ruth Montgomery and Edgar Cayce. Cayce had a huge impact on me and I joined the Edgar Cayce Foundation.

My career received a huge boost when I accepted a job as a DJ at a major market radio station in Seattle in May of 1992. I went from a small market radio station to a major market station at the height of the “grunge” scene in the city that created it! I was so excited and my life changed radically. I got a boyfriend and I was busy busy busy, but I felt as if my spiritual roots had been severed. After a rather bad break up with the boyfriend, I needed to talk to people who could understand me and my beliefs. It was then that I joined the Inner Peace Movement, made some wonderful new friends and stayed with it only long enough to find myself again. It was through this group that I started to realize just how psychic I actually was.

It was in March of 1995 when sitting in bed at home one evening my left hand started to vibrate. I knew I was to pick up a pen and start to automatic write. For two days I tried writing with my left, it was like trying to read baby scrawls! It was such a waste to not be able to read what they wrote, that I asked them to switch to my right hand. Much better! I started practicing on friends and testing to see if I was indeed channeling truth. It was very hard to trust it, until one day I did a reading for a friend going through a rather bad divorce. Guidance warned her of someone or something tampering with the brakes on her car. We both thought that a bit strange. Two days later she called me and was absolutely hysterical on the phone. She had just gone out to her car and found brake fluid around all four tires! This was the proof I needed, I really did have a gift!
I then mustered up my courage to put a little three-line ad in a local spiritual magazine.

Remember I said I was being guided along the way? Guidance had been telling me they would send someone right to my door to help me with my next step. I got a phone call from a woman with a very strong English accent. She came to my home and we hit it off right off the bat! We became very good friends and did readings for each other. She mentioned I’d be doing readings for a living! I thought goodness no! I love radio! But I had been asking Guidance for a change, because I was not at all happy where I was.

Since we were both psychic, she found out about local psychic fairs and dragged me along to see if we could get a slot at local fairs. We did and I started doing readings once a month at a psychic fair. After about six months of this I started to get requests for readings outside of the fair. I wasn’t comfortable with people I didn’t know coming to my home. I was a local radio celebrity and wanted to maintain my security. So I looked up in the phone book under spiritual stores and called the one I was pulled towards. Did they have an opening? Why yes they did, someone had told them just that day that they were leaving. I was so nervous sitting in my car before my try out. I said to Guidance, if this is what you want me to do then please have me do a great reading for this woman. I went in, did the reading and she was crying. I didn’t know if that was good or bad! I got a phone call the next day and I was given the vacant slot, could I please start in two weeks? I am still working there one day a week to this day.

Word of mouth spread and I started getting booked out. There was a woman at the radio station that came in once a month doing readings on the air. She asked me to teach a class on Angels with her. The class was extremely successful and the students didn’t want it to end! She then asked me to be her business partner and we opened our new offices in November of 1996. In January of 1997, I was laid off at the radio station.

By this time I had learned to use the computer at the station. I started chatting and made a great deal of Internet friends. One friend in New Zealand asked me if I wanted to come and visit. I said I would if I could try my readings there and see the country. So I took my last radio paycheck and bought a ticket to New Zealand. The readings went phenomenally well! I was asked when I was coming back so many times that out of my mouth without thinking came “Six months.”

Sure enough, six months later to the day I was back in New Zealand. This trip was three and a half months long, during which I took ten days to visit another net friend in Brisbane, Australia. So many synchronistic events later, I had a booth at a Brisbane festival for a quarter of the price and started working in Australia!

I had another net friend in South Africa ask me to come visit. So on the next trip I went to New Zealand and Australia, to Bali for a Christmas break with a friend, and then to South Africa where I wound up doing readings and a workshop in Cape Town. The trips kept getting longer, over the last seven years, the longest was eight and a half months long.

The trips are wonderful! I have learned so much about myself and I have met many people and had many wonderful experiences. I met and made friends with Diana Cooper from England who later asked me to channel the Angels on stage at the first World Angel Day in October 2001. I was also invited to lecture at the Mind Body spirit Festival in England twice over recent years and through word of mouth, I was discovered by a group at the United Nations in Vienna and asked to lecture there for a second time October 2006.

The many adventures and stories from the road will come in a book at some point. I am currently working on “With A Little Help From Our Friends.” It’s my first book which embodies the years of self- help the Angels have been dispensing through me. It will include meditations and hopefully angel cards to allow them to help you specifically with your problems, questions, or issues.