What is a reading?
When you have a reading with me, it is an exchange of energy with those who are around you to help you. This could be angels, guides or deceased loved ones. As your life changes your energy changes, so it is how they see it at the time of the reading. Nothing in a reading is cast in cement, if you hear something you don’t like you have the power to change it. Many times they tell you so you CAN change it. Readers and readings are NOT here for you to become dependent upon. They are guidelines to help you make your own decisions in life. To do otherwise would be to take away your free will. All readings are confidential like any client-patient relationship.

What is an Angel reading?
Not only do I connect to your energy but also to your Angels and Guides. This differs from other readings because they use me to communicate with you. I hear things, see things, write things and can have a stream of consciousness with them. It’s a very interactive reading where you can ask questions of any nature as we go. The more specific you are the more specific they will be. These readings tend to be about you, your future and your issues rather than a fortune telling device. The written information is yours to keep as well a recording of the session.

What are Angels?
Most angels have never been human and are an entirely different species. They have chosen to not incarnate as human and learn about themselves through helping us. They have abilities to heal, help and protect.

What are Guides?
These are souls that have had experience on the planet and are with you to help you with your life lessons. They choose to be with you according to what path you have chosen to live and learn about yourself this time around. In many cases you may have known them in a prior life.

How does this work?
What we do is discuss some of the topics or areas you would like to get help with. It is important I understand your questions so I can get more detail from the Angels for you. I will then cleanse my own energy and tune into your Angels and Guides. They then use me to communicate to you in whichever way they feel best. I prefer to do readings on the phone or in person, but can do it online as well through an instant messager program on Yahoo. You can download yahoo for free here: get yahoo messenger.

How do I prepare?
The best thing is to have some questions written down so you don’t forget. Many times people get so caught up in the reading they tend to forget their questions.

How do I schedule a reading?
Simply click on Your Reading to find out rates and payment options or email [email protected]. We will then set up a time for the reading via phone or email.

How do we do a reading on the phone?
The easiest way is to email me at [email protected]. We then can set up a mutually suitable time no matter where you are. When I am at home in Seattle, I can phone many countries and cities for no charge to you. To find out where I can free-call, click here.

While I am traveling, email is still the best way to reach me. I will then email or phone you to set up a time for you to call me to do the reading. Depending on where you are and where I am at the time, I still may be able to call you for no charge. Readings are digitally recorded into an MP3 format.

How do I get a copy of the reading if I do it on the phone?
Since I digitially record the reading, I can email it to you anywhere you are and you’d get it usually within an hour upon completion. Many email programs cannot take large files to the server, so I get around this by uploading the digital reading to a secure server on “yousendit.com.” After it’s uploaded, you will receive an email with a link for you to click on to download the file securely onto any computer hard drive. You then can transfer it to any device you choose. People with Ipods find this especially handy. If you are not computer savvy, I can burn a copy of the reading onto a CD rom and mail it to you.

How do we do a reading online?
I now do readings through a PC based relay chat program called Yahoo messenger. It is free to download off the net at get yahoo. Once you install the program onto your hard drive you will need to create a name for yourself on yahoo. We then set up a time by email to interactively chat in yahoo, where you can see me type live to you and visa versa. You will need to save the reading by copy and pasting it to not lose what was said or you can archive your reading automatically in yahoo. Once installed, at the top of the open chat program, click on messenger then “preferences” on the drop down list. Open preferences and then look on the left under “category” and click on “archive.” Once open, click on “enable archiving” and make sure “archive instant messages” and “archive conferencing” are clicked and that “automatically delete files…” is not checked. This will automatically save our conversation for 10 days. To save it longer, you can put in a number up to 999.

Which is better?
I always prefer to meet you in person but if that is not possible phone is just as easy. As far as connection is concerned, I can connect to your energy wherever you are in the world and the phone is just as effective as in person.